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 Idea/Suggestion: Roleplay Archives Section

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Idea/Suggestion: Roleplay Archives Section Empty
PostSubject: Idea/Suggestion: Roleplay Archives Section   Idea/Suggestion: Roleplay Archives Section EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 10:32 pm

I did have one suggestion/idea: Have an archives section for completed or completely abandoned roleplays. Abandoned ones can be picked up again to be completed or they can be stored here to be completed later. And of course, it could help with keeping things tidy in the forum and it's also nice to go back and read old ones for memories. And like I suggested that I'd do sometime was post the Fall of a Lord RP, that I would like to continue/complete (mainly would like to just finish/conclude it, since it was incredibly open ended), that was on the old Jensaarai forums.

I hope this suggestion is a good one. It would really be cool if it's pulled off like I'm thinking.
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Idea/Suggestion: Roleplay Archives Section
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