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 New Blood: Fall of a Lord

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New Blood: Fall of a Lord Empty
PostSubject: New Blood: Fall of a Lord   New Blood: Fall of a Lord EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 4:17 pm

Posted. Mostly intact, save for a few adjustments to my own stuff awhile back (mainly typos and continuity on my end).

Here's the legend:
Yellow - Actions/Narration
Cyan - Dialogue/Thoughts
Orange - Participants/"Players"/Player Characters
Purple - Objectives (Though there were many objectives, the ones that looked more like they would appear on screen would be objectives. Only one section here. I might revise the formatting a bit on those to be included in normal narration instead.)
Violet - Out Of Character Chat

Note, the terminology, eg, the Earth insults/slang (which is a no-no in the rules here, but these are only here because they were already said in the old post), of course in the conclusion, we would use the insults/slang shown here: Eg, this is why it's put in the archive. I honestly don't feel like editing out the few words that don't belong. It took me all this time just to format the damn thing.


This RP is from the old Jensaarai forums I'm color coding the names and the text for certain things. This is an RP that I'd like to continue/finish in a part 2. I had to post the existing stuff in 2 parts due to length.

Part 1 of Post

Batvan (Narrator): General Erustacus stands on the front lines of his battalion. His men dug in deep, shooting on sight in their trenches as the Republic forces press forward into his ranks. The brutes and soldiers line the trenches and erupt from their torn fox-holes and sprint towards the Republic forces meeting their utter demise, yet taking as many of them with them as they can. Grunt after Grunt falls to enemy fire, but slowly the Imperial forces take a foothold within the mountains of Bothawui.

"Push men! We are taking this planet if every last one of you is left gutted and filleted on the cold ground!"

Erustacus screams to his troopers as they rally forward and press into the enemy lines. Wave after wave push into their pitiful forces. until....

A wave of green and blue beams ignite in the air waving in the sky like a rave in the desert. At that very moment Erustacus stands tall ignorant to the blaster fire sailing around him and he raises his saber high in the air and through the amplification of the Force, bellows out to his Sith comrades:

"Now my Sith Brothers! Ignite and CONQUER!"

On his word, nearly one hundred Red lightsabers ignite across the war torn landscape and charge screaming and chanting into the Republic and Jedi forces. The Sith warriors tear into the Republic soldiers ripping them limb from limb and severing their moral along with their heads from their still plummeting bodies. The ranged forces from way back can see the elegant display of the sabers dancing in the air.

Moff Batvan stands poised, dressed in his signature tanned officers uniform, wearing his kevlar armor underneath. He holds his fabled DE-10 in his hand and directs his troopers towards the fight. He stands along with his garrison of elite troops: Hawkeye his personal 2man sniper team, Bear Trap his SitRep explosive ordnance team of 3, Dogpile and his evenly distributed accompaniment of 11 well armed and highly trained combat forces...oh and Dr. Roxxo his issued Combat Medic...though he would be doing much.

"Hawkeye, take that point and give the Sith covering fire!, Bear Trap take the right flank and lay down claymores and landmines, we dont want any infantry or artillary crawling up our asses! and Dogpile come with me, you and i are going to assist General Erustacus on the front lines. Roxxo make yourself useful and Radio to Arthas, Dracus, Lord Famine, Kayvaan, Plagueis, Lord Kailas, Alcov and Zed and tell them to meet us here on the forefront immediately, Lord Erustacus will need all the support he can get against the forces here on the left flank! NOW MOVE!!!"


Batvan shouts out towards his troops and they respond in unison and immediately head out towards their given positions. He turns back to look over at Lord Erustacus and hops on his speeder bike to join his General side by side in battle...


Join myself and your Lord Erustacus in battle and lets give him a fight worth dying for!

Dracus Mor: I sit in my transport ship with a few of my fellow sith brothers, and troopers. I nervously hold onto my silver saber in my right hand, and I keep checking to make sure that my green one is still on my belt. I look out onto the battlefield, and see all of the diffrent lights from below, they are constantly changing in position, and some fall, while new ones rise here and there. It is a beautiful display of war, but I will have to join that moving picture soon. We here Batvan shouting over the comm that it is time for us to join him. I am use to fighting in ships, not on open landscapes. Either way though, its time. I parachute out of the transport ship, I pull my chute and land on the ground below. I disconnect my chute, and throw off my robe. I am wearing a traditional zabrak armor suit (avatar pic) and am ready to go. I then activate force sense, sight, and speed as I rush into towards the battle field.

As I enter the actual battle, I activate my silver saber, and stab it through a jedi's back as he is doing battle with one of my bretheren. I then continue to run through the mass of people, slashing at any distracted jedi as I go. Once I reach the center of the battle field, I ignite my green saber, and begin dueling jedi left and right. I throw in the occasional force lightning here and there, but on the battle field, your stuck mainly using your blade skill.

Lord Kailas: A Sith Cruiser hovers aimlessly above the planet of Bothawui, aboard that cruiser -
Lord Kailas eagerly awaits for a distress call from either General Erustacus or Moff Batvan. Waiting impatiently in the hanger, his arms folded as he leans against his personal Sith transport.
Dressed in the finest Blood Shadow armour, the Sith Lord surely was ready for any battle he would come to face.
With his senses pulsating, he feels a sudden connection to the events down below on the planets surface.
Suddenly, the distress signal is set a light, beaming and echoing through out the Cruiser.

Without a pause in movement, Kailas quickly gathers what forces he has nearby into his shuttle.
Yelling at the pilot,
"Get this thing down there, fast!"
As they fly down towards the planets surface, they are quickly witnessing the battle.
Landing on the battle field with utmost haste, the shuttle is hit by a anti-vehicle missile.

But just before this could take place, Kailas quickly launches out of the cockpit.
Being thrown forward by the explosion, rolling over. The Sith Lord lands elegantly, igniting his Dark Red lightsaber.
He runs across the battle field making his way to Moff Batvan, dodging and deflecting blaster bolts as they fly towards him.
With the casualties rising, Lord Kailas is suddenly given more things to worry about besides the mere blaster bolt or three...
Managing to make it in once peice, the Shadow Sovereign makes quick work of the few Jedi standing in his way.
Finalling meeting up with Moff Batvan and General Erustacus.

Darth Plagueis: As we land on the war-torn planet I don't bother with my saber staff and ignite my twin dark purple Jedi sabers. Weaving in and out of the battle, to the Republic troopers I look like a blur cutting down their comrades. When I spot a Jedi I use my innate ability to suppress his/her connection to the Force.

Kayvaan Shrike: Kayvaan Shrike Jumps out of a low flying transport and lands on a republic trooper in the middle of the fray. Kayvaan tears his head off using a force pull and force pushes it into another trooper hitting him with enough speed to break some ribs. He then shocks the trooper to death using force lightning and uses his body as a weapon, force pushing it into other troopers and jedi. As Kayvaan finay ignites his double sided lightsaber a jedi jumps out in front of him attempting to slash him with an over head slice. Kayvaan blocks this brings his light saber down and headbutts the jedi with the skull painted visor blood from the jedi's broken nose staining the white paint. with one force pull he pulls the legs out from under the jedi an forcefully crushes his neck with his boot rotating it to be sure.

Troopers begin to surround kayvaan while he is doing his best to deflect laser shots and body parts. One shot gets through and grazes his shoulder kayvaan can feel the burn through his composite armor but ignores it going into ( what i am going to call my signature move) An electrified force repulse Sending a wave of force and Electric tendrils in all directions electrocuting anyone within a 20ft radius.
Kayvaan seeing now that the area around his is empty electrifies his double sided lightsaber and throws it into the most republic populated area only to follow it shooting out force lightning.

Arthas Daracon: Arthas sat silently in the back of the transport as it fell towards the surface of the planet, his eye's closed and his attention elsewhere. When the transport took a direct hit and began to plummet downward he was already prepared, having foreseen the event minutes earlier. As the crashing transport came near to the ground he quickly stood and with a quick push from the force blasted the loading ramp hatch completely off and then quickly rolled out of the back of the transport mere seconds before it came crashing into the ground. Using the force to slow himself and cushion his landing he landed on one knee and looked around him.

Ahead of him a unit of republic troopers were formed up around a Repulsor lift tank guarding an anti air battery, likely the one that had brought down his transport. Locating the crashed and burning wreckage of the transport he reached out with the force and lifted one of its wings that had been torn off during the crash and hurled it towards the tank. The wing hit like a missile, tearing into the tank which exploded in a ball of fire, before continuing onward to shower the anti air gun in a cloud of debris and shrapnel.

Charging forward he used the distraction to close the distance between himself and the soldiers, and before they could recover from the surprise he was already on them. His twin sabers whirling and spinning as he cut through them with practiced ease. When the soldiers were all dead and the crew of the AA gun likewise, he looked around and surveyed his surroundings, once he was sure of his location he headed off to regroup with the others.

Alcov Vladimer: Alcov reseves the dirtress call from the Moff while orbating the battle. Alcov calls out to the pilet to go down to the battle and hover above the fight.

Alcov then walks to his personal arsonal and pulls out his gattling gun and rocket launcher. he then tells the pilet to open the hatch.
once the hatch opens Alcov goes and sits on the edge and the pilet gets to a close enough distance and starts to fire rockets into groups of republic troopers sending them flying. after killing a good enough amount with the rocket launcher Alcov puts that down and goes to grab his assalt gear. once he is prepped he goes to sit back down and picks up the gattleing gun and jumps off. the second Alcov jumps off the piolet wisses off to avoid getting shot.

As Alcov is about to hit the ground he activates his jetpack to stop him from hurting himself. Alcov sees that he has landed a few hundred meters from the left ofthe battle.
Alcov starts up the gattleing gun and starts to fire away at the troopers from the side.

Grand Moff Legolian: Grand Moff Legolian watches in glee as he circles above the battle field in a Sith Transport. Watching his brethren slaughter the enemy and all the hopes and dreams of crushing the Republic has finally come to fruition. Watching in growing desire Grand Moff Legolian orders the pilots to bring the ship down near the battle lines.

Once close enough Grand Moff Legolian jumps out like a free fall into a group of Republic soldiers slamming the ground with the force annihilating one of the troopers and sending the rest flying away. Followed by a squad of elite assassins Grand Moff Legolian kills his way to the main temple to take care of other means of buisness.

Zed: Zed flys in in atransport ship and jumps out skydiving towards the Moff. wielding his katana in onehand and pistol in the other.

Darth Avarus: After getting healed up in the medbay and getting a change of robes, Avarus overheard that men are needed to repel the Republic forces on the planet of Bothawui. He dashes to the hangar and ordered the two pilots near the ship to hop in and start it up.

"Why in such a hurry, sire?" one of the pilots curiously inquired. "Our forces on Bothawui need help. The rest of my leave time can wait." Avarus responds as he makes sure all his equipment is with him. "Hold on, I left my com-link in my other set of robes." Avarus dashes out of the ship and to his quarters and snatches the com-link as fast as he could snatch it and made sure his quarters locked behind him as he left. He quickly made haste back to the ship. When he got there he ordered them to take off.

He checks his belt one last time, making certain his saber is firmly clipped on it, and then raises his hood.
"Set course for Bothawui. Make sure we arrive there as quickly as possible."

~~~~~~ Transition.~~~
Bothawui, Time Unknown.

The Star Crusader streams toward the Sith Cruiser "Avenger". They come up on the comm.
"This is the Imperial Battle cruiser Avenger, please state your busi---" Avarus cuts them off. "This is Darth Avarus. I apologize for the interruption, but it is urgent that I land and gather what forces I can to assist our men in the battle below." "Darth Avarus? ...this is....most unexpected. I was told you were recovering. Shall I alert them that you are coming, sire?" shockingly replies the Sith Officer. "No need. I'll make my own...... introductions....." Avarus humorously answers.

The ship lands in the hangar of the Avenger. Troops get into position to welcome Avarus. The ramp drops, Avarus slowly walks out, the pilots stay in the cockpit.
"Sir!" the troops shout in unison. "No time for chit-chat. Get in the ship. We have a battle to win, move!" commands Avarus. The troops run into the ship and prepare for battle, Avarus following and closing the ramp and the ship lifts off almost instantly after the ramp closes and heads towards the planet's surface. "Sorry boys, but the more time we waste welcoming me aboard a ship, the more lives we waste. Let's get down to the planet's surface and find Moff Vaiych. Surely his typical ass kicking will be noticed from afar after we land, so we need make way to his position with the utmost haste. I'll try and draw the enemy's incoming fire. I imagine there will be air defenses so landing will be a bit rough."

As the ship speeds toward the surface and enters the atmosphere, the troopers suddenly get an uneasy feeling. As the ship clears the clouds, we now witness the awe-inspiring carnage that is the battle raging on below. Some troopers pray as our ship descends, others clean their carbines and rifles, readying for the chaos ahead. Avarus forces his saber to his right hand. Republic anti-air batteries start opening up on the ship. Flak exploding all around it, the ship experiences heavy turbulence. The pilots keep it steady as much as they can. "Easy. Easy!" says the co-pilot. The flak starts picking up. After a few moments, flak hits the starboard wing. The blast shakes the ship heavily and damn near rips it off. Soldiers are on the floor, grunting as they're struggling trying to get back up. Avarus was shaken' up a little, but for the most part un-phased. Their altitude dropping at an alarming rate, they decide it's time to abandon ship. The ship finally evens out from its spin, but cannot be recovered from the massive descending speed, so Avarus punches in the coordinates for the ship to crash into enemy lines. The troopers are going to have to jump in as well as Avarus and the two pilots as well. The ramp opens, the troopers ready the jet packs they brought aboard for combat drops, the pilots will have to hold onto one of the jump troopers. "Go, go, go!" commands Avarus. The troopers jump clear of the ship and head down to the planet's surface rapidly. And then Avarus jumps out bidding farewell to his ship. It was brand new, now it's a junk heap. The flak still continues to pound the crew-less ship as it plummets toward the surface. Some troopers get torn apart from the blasts and a pilot is lost, but they all continue downwards. Avarus and his small group of troopers continue hurtling toward the planet. They clear the layers of flak and near the surface. A few more troopers are lost. Avarus dodges every blast.

Finally after what seemed like forever, they all are on the ground. It was chaos indeed. Blaster fire exchanging from both sides of the field. Explosions from grenades and artillery all round. Corpses litter the area.
"We have to make it to Moff Vaiych!" yells Avarus. The small group of troopers follow Avarus. Avarus deflects any rogue blaster shot with his lightsaber as he dashes across the field toward allied lines, while the troopers and the remaining pilot blast away as they follow their leader. A few seconds later a Republic squad and a few Jedi appear in front of them. Avarus still at full speed slides onto his knees and cuts through one of the Jedi following deflecting a few blaster shots and spinning around to counter 3 troopers. The troopers who followed Avarus fire at some other Republic troopers and cover Avarus' back. Then they join in on melee combat. Avarus meets the other Jedi and it's apparent the Jedi wasn't quite prepared for a confrontation, so Avarus jumps over and behind the Jedi, spins around and kicks him in the back of the shin and then stabs the Jedi in the back and through the heart, killing him almost instantly. Avarus' small force disposes of the rest of the troopers, only having a couple of casualties of their own. "Let's go!" Avarus commands. The small force continues to dash in the direction of Moff Vaiych.

They finally reach him after encountering minimal resistance along the way.
"Darth Avarus reporting for duty! What's the situation, Moff Vaiych?" Before Batvan could talk, we're interrupted by hearing the sound of a ship crashing into the enemy's front lines, following by many explosions, and presumably killing some numbers of unknown Republic troopers and Jedi. "...yes, Batvan...that was my handiwork." says Avarus as a grin permeates across his face.

Alcov: (OOC: Avarus you do some very good posts.)

Mayshar: Mayshar floats amidst a planet of total darkness somewhere well beyond the Outer Rim. If the Lord of Shadows was to have a home world, this one would have to be it. It was where he was summoned into this galaxy, where his essence began. The remains of the ancient altar from which he was born lay in ruins beneath him. From space, a massive eye of swirling darkness would be visible as a storm of shadows circle around the ancient being. His eyes were closed while he was meditating on the dark side, searching the past, present and future.

On the very distant planet of Bothawui, a battle was raging that the force couldnt ignore. Not long after the conflict began, Mayshar began to feel its power. He started to relish in the hate and anger rising from the battle and paid little mind to the events themselves, assuming it was just another random military struggle on a random planet. Then, his attention was grabbed by a powerful Sith Lord, Erustacus was present on Bothawui. Not only was he a great Sith Lord, he was a member of the Jensaarai brotherhood to which Mayshar had also pledged his allegience. His interest peaked as he watched more closely.

Erustacus screams to his troopers as they rally forward and press into the enemy lines. Wave after wave push into their pitiful forces. until....

A wave of green and blue beams ignite in the air waving in the sky like a rave in the desert. At that very moment Erustacus stands tall ignorant to the blaster fire sailing around him and he raises his saber high in the air and through the amplification of the Force, bellows out to his Sith comrades:

"Now my Sith Brothers! Ignite and CONQUER!"

Mayshar's solid white eyes slowly opened as he realized there was more on Bothawui then he had thought. He decides that he may need to make his presence known in a grander fashion then usual. His slowly slowly extend out to his sides and the darkness swirling around the plant seems to become even more alive and active as it picks up speed and starts rushing in towards Mayshar. The shadows flow into him, infusing him with dark energies and fueling his power. The entire planet seems to empty itself of all darkness, the former God of Shadows drawing in everything around him. All of its power focuses on his form, which is not even visible any longer as its overflowing with dark power.

As quickly as the raging winds and violent crackles of energy began, it ends in a calm silence of nothingness. All that remains is Mayshar, shadows draping off of him the power too much to contain. He gently touches his feet to the ground and pulls his arms inwards towards his body. As if pulling the shadows about himself, a Robe of Shadows encompasses his form as he brings his arms in. His eyes closes again as he pushes his mind back to Bothawui, and the battle between good and evil. With the power of ShadowWalk, his form vanishes in a puff of darkness.

Across the galaxy on Bothawui, the battle rages on. The republic forces continue to pour in, seeming to be endless as they engage the sith army and Jensaarai heroes who have arrived to join the fight. A large squadron of troops fresh off of a transport begin to make thier way onto the battlefield. It looks like they are trying to flank around the main forces and hit the sith army in a weak spot. Another squadron joins them on thier attack, each squad lead by a Jedi Knight. As they start to move forward, the area around them starts to darken. At first they dont take notice, but the Jedi soon realize this is unnatural. They hold up thier fists to stop the forces and look at each other, not sure of what is about to happen.

Suddenly, amongst the squadrons of soldiers, the darkness becomes pitch black and seems to be from another realm. dark tendrils of energy crackle out of the void and reach out towards the nearest republic forces. They are sucked into the darkness never to return, as the others start to back away and the Jedi move in for a closer look the void in space unleashes a torrent of dark energy in a massive explosion which rocks the entire battlefield. Waves of shadows and energy radiate out from the center point, each trooper caught in the blast vaporizes into darkness and then nothing. Within seconds, both squads are completely gone, only the Jedi leaders remain.

They both drop thier force shields, the only thing that had saved them from the onslaught of unprecidented power. As the lower thier arms, a robed figure stands before them. Mayshar, looks onto each with his pupilless eyes, both of his hands outstretched towards them. He shows no emotion as, without warning, dark black lightning erupts from his hands and envelops the Jedi in a deadly assault of power. The two corpses crash into the ground, burnt to a crisp, his arms fold across his chest and reach around behind his back to produce two saber hilts, which ignite into black fire blades of death.

Mayshar whispers into the shadows, his power taking his voice across the darkness for miles, everyone within range able to hear the whisper as if he was standing right next to them....

"The ShadowLord has arrived..."

Avarus: (OOC: Thank you very much, Alcov. You're not too bad yourself. The jump part was my favorite as it was inspired by real life HALO/HAHO jumps, otherwise known as Military Free Fall. The jet packs instead of chutes are what made it fit into SW better.)

Batvan/Narrator: TIPPING THE SCALES...

The battle wages on and Lord Erustacus views his Jensaarai brethren arrive in all different fashions and watches as one by one, they all enter the fray and begin tearing apart the Republic forces and eventually make there way to Lt Gen. Batvan. One by one he witnesses Dracus. Then Kailas. Then Plagueis. Then Kayvaan. Then Arthas. Then Alcov. Then Zed. And finally 2 new faces. 2 warriors he was not familiar with. He uses his force telepathy to speak with Moff Batvan and find out what exactly is going on across the battlefield, and stares blankly at the rapidly advancing Republic forces.

"Batvan, who are these 2 others? I am not familiar with them and i dont want any 'nobodies' joining my ranks. explain yourself"

"My Lord they are Avarus and Mayshar, two fellow members of Jensaarai and two very recent recruits. Seeing as their paperwork had only recently been accepted their com signals must have been put on the list with our other allies. No matter, i will escort them and set them straight all the same"

"I see... well see to it that it is done immediately. You have your own duties and we don't need you babysitting. Now GET MOVING"

Lord Erustacus thunders his final telepathic transmition to Batvan as the intensity in his very thoughts quake the ground below him, sending minor tremors across the ground. Batvan's eyes widen as the Plague Lord rattles his brain with the mere idea of his voice, and he shakes his head and turns backwards to take a momentary cover and radio to his newly arrived soldiers.

"Men, welcome to Bothawui i see several of you have already approached my ranks, and several of you are just touching down the lack of a better term... Anywho, everyone rendezvous with me IMMEDIATELY for assignments and field operations Batvan Out."

Batvan disengages his comlink and turns to face the three men who are just now approaching his position. Avarus- the new recruit, Kailas- the Veteran blade weilder- and Arthas- the fledgling pilot to be. He speaks.

"So good of you to join me my friends. Now down to business. Arthas, i need you to create a lane to General Erustacus. His units are wearing thin and our troopers cannot cut these ranks by themselves. The General is located approximately .5 kilometers ahead of us, im sure you can see him but getting to him is another story.

Kailas, our anti-air turrets are taking a beating from the ground forces converging on our ranks. I need you to head there with Avarus post haste and clear out those infantry so our AAs can do their duty. The battery in question is located over there to the east about .7 kilometers out.

Unfortunately im stuck here waiting for the others to arrive and then we will get this ship sailing. Do you understand me? the lets get to it!"

Batvan shouts as he orders his men to carry on. He quickly turns around as a infantryman is dropped to his right. Although he isn't phased he looks over and shakes his head in disappointment at the mortally wounded soldier. He grabs the downed soldiers weapon and then props himself against the embankment to return fire on the Republic.

Across the way, General Erusacus watches as a fresh transport of Sith warriors lands on Bothawui and the luminescent glow of their sabers fill the dark chamber of the drop ship, revealing their physical features and exposing their numbers.

General Erustacus watches as the Sith engage the Jedi forces now, completely enthralled in the intricate dance of the lightsabers before him, studying each and every move of the Jedi below. He reaches onto his belt and then looks over to Batvan. Although it isn't visible, Batvan can feel the Plague Lord's infernal gaze beaming directly at him.

It's Time.


Proceed with the objectives given to you by Moff Batvan, go forth and help our forces in your next post and be sure it include detail. Your objective SHOULD NOT be completed on your first post, however you may proceed to it as best you desire.


Meet up with Moff Batvan and receive your assignments, you wont be penalized in any way for not being here already however you may end up a post or 2 behind.

After everyone has posted i will continue with you individually though here until it is time to regroup once again.

Mayshar: Mayshar stares out over the battlefiled as he he hears the orders coming over the comlink. He wasnt one to follow orders too often, but this situation called for a co-ordinated assault and Batvan seemed to be competant enough. He was more intrigued with Lord Erustacus, anyone of power like that was interesting to Mayshar. He was always looking for how to get the stronger masters to teach him things about the force he didnt already know. His search for knowledge and power was never done.

He senses several powerful forces on the planet now, ones he didnt notice before. Maybe coming here would be a step in the right direction, things could get interesting. His decimation of the jedi squadrons didnt go un-noticed as a Republic gunship begins heading in his direction, blaster fire starting to rain down on his location. He looks up at the ship with disgust, as if it was wasting his time shooting at him. He waves his arm and the entire area becomes covered in total darkness, the gunner no longer having a target to shoot. The ship swoops in close to the outer edge of the globe of darkness as he did a fly by trying to come around for a second attempt. It would never get the chance however as large tendrils of darkness reach out from the globe as the ship gets close. Like arms of a giant squid, the tendrils slam into and tear through the gunship with ease. The flaming smoking hunk of metal loses altitude and goes crashing into repbulic forces down off the cliffside where Mayshar had arrived.

As quickly as it arrived, the darkness swirls and vanishes in a puff of shadow, nothing at the location any longer. Appearing neaxt to Batvam, Mayshar stands still completely robed, his arms and weapons nowhere to be found, covered by all of the shadows surrounding him. He says nothing, but his eyes are looking directly at Bavan, as if waiting for something from him.

Dracus Mor: I continue to slice down opponents one by one. After gaining a few yards, I am able to see Batvan speaking with Kailias. I attempt to jump to him, but I am thrown onto the ground by an unknown jedi. He attempts to lance me with his purple saber, but I use the force to stop his hand. He continues to push, trying to break through the grip I have on him, so I start to use force crush on his hand. His bones snap, and he drops the saber. I roll to the left and it goes into the ground. I then stand and pick up his saber. He sends a heavily reinforced fist at me, but I step to the right and his misses. I then bring the purple blade down and decapitate him. Another jedi is charging towards my back in an intense rage. I quickly turn and put my free hand up. I send lightning out of my palm. The lightning wraps around the jedi, and brings him to his knees. I then put the new saber to my belt, and raise my two hands. I focus one force grip on his head, and another on his spine. I then pull them in opposite directions, ripping his head from his body.

Right after that, the sith transport ship lands. The arrival of so many new sith distract the oncoming jedi long enough for me to jump and land infront of Batvan. I nod to my old friend and wait to recieve my assignments.

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PostSubject: Re: New Blood: Fall of a Lord   New Blood: Fall of a Lord EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 5:32 pm

Part 2 of Post

Darth Avarus: Batvan and Avarus were certainly no strangers to each other. With no talking, Avarus merely gives a respectful nod to Batvan in acknowledgment of the new orders he had just received, denoting that he understands his orders. Avarus then glances at Kailas for a brief second. He knew Kailas would be irritated that he didn't relax back on Khar Shian as Kailas had told him to, but the time for that conversation would be saved for later, during a more calm hour. A few seconds later after moving a bit towards his desired exit, Avarus turns his full attention to Kailas.

"You can kick my ass later, Master. We have an objective to accomplish" Avarus addresses with light banter. "Think you can keep up?" Right as he heads off he notices the men he brought with him were still next to Batvan, unsure of what to do. "Moff Batvan is your new commanding officer, boys. Stay here with him and help him with whatever he requires of you." Avarus salutes and continues in his previous direction. "Lord Kailas and I got this."

Avarus' and Kailas' objective was straightforward, but by no means simple. Avarus starts heading off towards the objective at great haste. The anti-aircraft turrets didn't have much time, he assumed, so he moves as swiftly as he can. He knows Kailas can catch up, so he doesn't worry as much about that. Besides, the objective must come first. As Avarus interweaves through allied forces, he deflects any stray blaster shots and dodges exploding shells and grenades, as well as lobbing some back at the Republic with a quick flick of the wrist, as he makes his way to the troubled anti-air defenses. Getting to them should theoretically be easy...after all, it's only .7 kilometers to the east, which is only 0.4 miles approximately and is equal to 692.01 meters. That's not too far, really. A little less than a football field. He should be able to make great time.

The Republic forces attacking our anti-air batteries shouldn't be much of a problem to dispose of, but Avarus mustn't start underestimating enemies now. He must make it to the issued coordinates and secure the area as thorough and quick as possible. While sensing the Sith transport landing not too far behind him, he still continues to move and interweave through Imperial and Sith forces that're moving to the front to engage the Republic, all the while deflecting even more stray blaster fire being produced from the chaotic battle on the frontlines. Men fall lifelessly or mortally wounded to the cold ground in front of Avarus as he continued to move. He didn't have time to stop and tend to them and enjoy the view. It was war. There was no time to waste.

(OOC- Bat. I hope this is still detailed enough for my first post. I typed this at like.... 5:09 AM. So if there's anything I need to change, lemme know. I am saving 'completing the objective' a few posts later since it was said that objectives should NOT be completed in our first post, but we may head off toward our destination as we see fit as long as we include detail. I tried to be as detailed as I could this early in the morning. As for the calculations, those were actual calculations, but I rounded them up/down to the nearest whole number as I could. I'm not good at math by any standard, so you can guess that I probably searched for it. By the way, football is an actual sport in Star Wars canon, believe it or not, so the 'football field' thing is actually accurate.)

Darth Plagueis: Hearing the call to receive our assignments, I immediately end the fight with the current Jedi i was fighting with and turn to locate Batvan. As I see him about half a kilometer to the west I run towards him, weaving in and out of the blaster bolts.

Two-thirds of the way there, a pair of Jedi cross my path. At a glace I can tell this was a Knight and a Padawan. Whirling my sabers I easily dispatch the Padawan with a slice across the back. As the Knight turns to face me I deflect some blaster bolts his way. Force speeding up to him I smile at his unavoidable demise. Unable to block the shots and my sabers at once, he falls at my feet in two pieces.

Finished with the Jedi, I approach Batvan and await my orders.

Lord Kailas: As the loud crashes of rain and thunder boom across the planet, Lord Kailas stands quietly as he let's Avarus get a head start. Nodding ingenously towards Moff Batvan, his deep voice is heard beneath his mask, "It will be done." Suddenly the Sith Lord vanishes, rushing across the field in a light burst of force speed. Kailas' eyes glow luminously as he cuts through the enemies that block his path. Sneaking up on Avarus, he places his hand on his shoulder.

Scolding him,
"Next time I say relax, remind me to be straight forward and not bantha shit you." Smirking deviantly.
Kailas quickly places forward the plan,
"Okay Avarus, there's a couple of Republic Tanks around here. Some will be close by, they're the first priority. I'm sure Moff Batvan doesn't appreciate our Anti-Air Turrets being destroyed, I sure as hell don't." The Sith Lord takes a quick breath and looks at Avarus to see if he understands, knowing he would regardless he continues. "Your part in this mission is to take out any heavy weapons/vehicles close towards the Turrets, you are then to call in the engineers for essential repairs. My mission is to defend you at all costs, it's a simple yet annoying mission. However I think the killing part is what intrigues me the most..."

Twirling his lightsaber by his side, he deflects a blaster bolt into a republic soldiers head, before randomly stabbing his lightsaber behind him. Killing a rather foolish Jedi. "Alright it's settled then, do me proud son'."

Darth Avarus: "A couple tanks? Is that all? Pssh. More like a couple mobile coffins if you ask me. I'll take care of them, master.", Avarus affirms. "And you know me, master. Killing, to me, is my rest and relaxation. And besides, I did rest, but you didn't specify how long.", he adds with a smirk stretching across his face. Avarus deactivates his saber for a brief second and twirls the hilt through his fingers, and then ignites it and twirls it by his side, deflecting a blaster shot and hitting a Republic soldier in the head who recently popped up out of nowhere on Kailas' six. He glances at Kailas again, "Missed one, by the way." He twirls his saber back around and kills an unsuspecting Jedi on his right. "Will they never learn? Now, how about those tanks? As big as those mothers are, they shouldn't be difficult to spot." Avarus takes out his electrobinoculars and starts to scan the war-ravaged battlefield with his thermobinoculars, deflecting blaster shots with his saber with little effort in the process. "Once we find the first one, I'll wipe out the mass-driver cannon and then proceed to systematically take everything else out. Those mass-driver cannons are the biggest threat against our anti-air turrets. The ammunition can be switched depending on their mission. One plasma-driven round alone can wipe out one of our vehicles easily." A Jedi comes at him from the left. Avarus trips the Jedi. The full momentum of the Jedi sends him face first into the dirt. Avarus decapitates the downed Jedi with little to no effort and brings his saber back to his side. He continues scanning after the brief interruption.

"Ah, there's one." Avarus motions Kailas to come over to him and observe a lone Republic walker. "Notice how vulnerable the gunner is as he's exposed like that. I'll take out the gunner and disable the cannon. Just keep the forces off of me as I'm on top of that sucker. And yes, there are anti-personnel turrets on those things as well, but they only have a certain degree arc that they can rotate. The mass-driver can rotate a full 360 degrees, however. But once that's disabled, the crew will be an easy picking. I'll take out the gun, jump off, and cut an opening in the bottom and take out the crew inside. Just keep everyone else busy. Should be fun, no?" Avarus puts his electrobinoculars back on his belt and readies himself to move out. "We should move out soon, master. Those anti-air turrets don't have long left. Command isn't the only one who doesn't like essential assets being destroyed." Avarus twirls his saber and deflects yet another two shots back at the source, killing two more Republic troopers. Avarus stretches as he waits for Kailas' 'go ahead' signal.

OOC- Experimenting with color schemes for roleplay as well. I'm aware that this could be considered the "McDonald's scheme".

Lord Kailas: As Avarus stops talking, Lord Kailas points towards the gunner.
"Do you mean the gunner who combusted 2 minutes ago?" The Sith Lord laughs.
He nods and then directs Avarus towards the tank.
Kailas knew he could have done this part with ease, but he finds it good that his apprentice is gaining valuable experience.
He walks over towards the Turrets whilst Avarus is dealing with the tanks.

Suddenly a Jedi is seen walking towards him, lightsaber drawn. Showing off a Cyan coloured blade.
Saying to himself beneath his breath,
"I'm really sick of these guys... Honestly. Well better get it done and over with."
Unleashing a sigh behind his mask, he then summons his lightsaber back to his hand - igniting it as it enters his grasp.
Twirling it in a figure eight, he stares at the Jedi. A synical smirk pulls across his face, luckily it's hidden behind his mask.
His eyes glow with a fury unseen before, his fingers spark small jolts of electricity and as he meets the Jedi.
Their lightsabers clash with a thunderous power, sparks flinging everywhere as they engage in a fast-paced dual.
Lord Kailas wielding Juyo whilst the Jedi uses Ataru.

To the least of Avarus' concerns, he knew he could handle the Jedi no matter what the circumstances were.
Fancy flurrys and acrobatics were displayed by the Jedi, but the Sith Lord wouldn't let any dancing Republic Dog get in his way. The tension was surely felt by both combatitors, Kailas however was feeding off the Jedi's life force the entire time.
Force Drain is a wonderful force power, not only does the user benefit. But it also feeds against and tires the opponent.
Generally displayed as a manual skill used such as lightning, he like other powerful Sith implimented it into his lightsaber combat insted. Whenever the lightsaber's clashed, it would drain the Jedi of his force.
Overall leaving him exausted whilst the Sith Lord remained without a sweat.

As the Jedi takes a moment to gather his force energy, Kailas didn't have time to let this continue any further.
And with such, he charges up a blast of force lightning on the end of his left hand's finger tips.
Projecting a powerful electrifying blast, seeming throughout the Jedi's body. The Jedi manages to get his lightsaber to deflect the rest towards Lord Kailas. But unlike anyone, Kailas was hoping for such.
With his dark red blade still ignited, he merely tilts his lightsaber which redirects the lightning yet again back towards the Jedi. This time however, it does not electricute him. But actually sends him flying back a couple of meters as it smacks against his chest.

Walking over towards the tired Jedi, Lord Kailas uses the force to take the Jedi's lightsaber.
Equpping it onto his belt. He kneels down and whispers towards the Jedi,
"I wont kill you, for you are young yet strong. Insted I will let you see for yourself if you are worthy of walking out of here alive... Although becareful of my apprentice. He won't give you such luxuries to play with." Grabbing him with the force, he then throws the Jedi out of the way into the mountains.

Looking left and right for a mere moment,
"Shi-... I think he's okay..." Raising his hands humorously, he gestures that everything is okay. Before realising of Avarus' and his own mission he then quickly sets off to see how Avarus is progessing in dealing with the tanks.

Darth Avarus: Avarus was curious as to how the gunner just up and combusted, but he would save questions for later. He just chuckles to himself because it was rather amusing. "If they'd just all catch ablaze, then this war could be over and I could be on the beaches of Spira with two gorge--" Avarus pauses before he gets too far. "Oh, right....the tanks." Avarus darts toward the Republic walker with force speed. The Republic troops didn't even know he was already among them until it was too late. Avarus, who was seeming to appear out of thin air, starts slicing up the guarding infantry around the tanks in no real order. A Republic trooper appears on Avarus' six. The trooper may think he has Avarus, but he is, unfortunately for him, mistaken, when his head suddenly flies in the air away from his torso. Trooper by trooper keeps firing at Avarus, constantly missing. Two shots ring out, Avarus deflects them back at the troopers who fired them. A few seconds later, Avarus was on top of the tank. He was full aware that Kailas would have his back. From a few quick glances, Avarus knew his master was a bit pre-occupied with what seemed to be a dancing fireworks display. Avarus keeps his mind on the objectives. He crawls up and flips upside down, looking into the cockpit. "You won't be needing this will you?" After that is said, he flips back up atop the tank and cuts the barrel in half, rendering it inoperable in-case a brave gunner were to replace the prior one who combusted. With the force, he tossed the bits of the gun into a crowd of troopers. He wasn't really even looking, he just sort of....flung it.

Avarus then decided that it'll just be a waste of time to go to the bottom of the tank and cut upwards, so, he creates another way. Time WAS of the essence after all, so Avarus flipped back down to the cockpit and shoved his lightsaber in there, killing the pilots and the front gunners. The dead driver's corpse causes the walker to walk haphazardly across the field in a fashion that would resemble a drunk man who went for a little joyride in a speeder. While the walker continues to walk around in random patterns, a Jedi appears on the aft end.
"It's not nice vandalizing Republic property, Sith...." the Jedi speaks. Avarus merely yawns. This Jedi bored him just like any other. "All you Jedi do is talk and talk. You're all just a massive bore. You know what I do when I'm bored?" The Jedi stares around and then back at Avarus. "Honestly, Sith, I have no idea, nor do I care. I have no time for games." The Jedi activates his typical boring green lightsaber. "Come on, no guess? ....and a green saber? ...ooh, how original!" The Jedi is obviously irritated. The unnamed Jedi dashes at Avarus and takes a swing, only for his green saber to be met by Avarus' crimson red blade. The Jedi is using Ataru. "Ugh...what a common stance. Everyone and their womprat uses Ataru." Avarus thinks to himself. Assuming the form of Juyo, he meets the Jedi with such furiosity. The Jedi acrobatically moves all over the place, but still manages to stay on the randomly moving walker regardless of the turbulence, it was almost like trying to kill a fly. A nuisance, but with the right timing can be struck down. Adding to this, a fight on a moving walker with a dead driver will be quite interesting.

Sparks fly everywhere as sabers clash. Apparently Kailas isn't the only one with a light show going on. The furiosity of the duel goes on for a few seconds with a few close grazes here and there. Finally a scream of a Jedi falling from afar is heard, most likely from Kailas' handiwork. As soon as this Jedi turns to look at his falling comrade, Avarus decides to end it. He kicks the Jedi in the back, knocking him down face first and causing him to roll to the front of the walker, his legs dangling over, his saber thrown clear of him. The Jedi barely hanging on. It is clear this Jedi didn't learn how to ignore distractions. Avarus force pulls the Jedi's fallen saber to him and clips it on his belt. He wasn't going to tease the Jedi, so he merely puts his foot on the Jedi's lone hand grabbing the only thing that's keeping him from falling to the ground and getting crushed by the feet of the massive assault walker.
"By the way, THIS is the kind of thing I do when I'm bored. And, think of this. One foot can end your life easily. Do you really want to go out this way?" Avarus inquires as the Jedi dangles there. The Jedi looks up at him, frightened. "Ah, screw it. I've got a tank to destroy and you're just getting in the way, kid. No hard feelings." Avarus pushes with his foot on the Jedi's hand and the Jedi falls to the ground under the walker. The walker crushes the Jedi as it moves. The screaming only lasted a second as one of the legs crushed his skull like a steamroller squashing a melon. In-fact, that's what the remains looked like in the trails of the tank.

Continuing his mission, Avarus swings around destroying the anti-personnel turrets, flips to under the walker, cuts a large hole in the undercarriage, and quickly launches up inside. Lucky for him, there were still some soldiers in there aiming their blasters at where all the commotion occured. They swore to protect the walkers to the last man, quite literally. Avarus slices through them with little to no effort. With the crew of the tank dead, the soldiers in the back cut up into bits, the mass-driver cannon as well as anti-personnel cannons destroyed, the tank was virtually useless save for the navigational controls. Luckily for Avarus, there were a few packs of Class-A thermal detonators in there, probably for if the soldiers needed them for assaults. And everyone knows Avarus likes to end things with a bang. Activating a single detonator should be enough to set the others off. He sets the detonator to blow in 20 seconds. He leaves the walker from the ramp in the aft and continues to slowly stroll away from the moving walker, which makes its way with colliding with another walker in that convoy, causing 2 others to stop in their tracks - a military traffic jam if you will. The other walkers tried backing up to move around, but it'd take too long. Avarus lowers his saber as he walks away. 15 seconds has passed. Avarus was at a safe distance away from the blast.

5.....4.....3.....2......1. BOOM. The detonator goes off, resulting in many explosions with the chain reaction. The fire lit up behind Avarus, and not only that, but probably lit up the entire area, really. The blast was mostly contained since it was in a confined space in the first walker, but enough explosions caused a chain reactions which caused some other smaller walkers in the armored column to explode. Avarus turns around to gaze at the results of his work. The smoke streamed into the sky as far as the eye can see. The explosion was enormous, consuming the other walkers and any infantry around it, and also exploding even more munitions found in those walkers as well. Kailas probably felt the force of the blast, along with maybe even Batvan.

"Only one more of these things to go, supposedly."

(OOC- Hopefully Kailas can have fun with this next one? I tried making it as if it were concurrent with what I was doing. Hope you all found this post entertaining. I was typing on an empty stomach.)

Alcov: Alcov continues to tear down republic troopers and the occasional jedi getting hit by a stray bullet, As he continues a jedi comes in from his left and trys to take a swing at Alcov, As he jumps out of the way the lightsaber cuts right through the gattling gun so Alcov just drops it there and then and pulls out his katana. As he starts to duel he rushes the jedi, he goes to do a sideways swing, just as Alcov has wanted. Alcov puts his Cortosis gauntlet in the way of the lightsaber shutting it off momentarily making the jedi hesitate. "HA Haa stupid jedi you screwd now" Alcov shouts as he blasts the jedi with his flame gauntlet.

Alcov jetpacks over to the moff stopping about 50 meters from him right into a small creater where he rocketed a bunch of enemys a few seconds earlyer. once Alcov Lands he continues on his way to the Moff cutting enemys down every were.

Batvan Vaiych/Narrator: General Erustacus raises his lightsaber and as if on cue, his plague legionnaires appear as if out of nowhere, springing into action onto the battlefield one after one rising to their feet and attacking the Jedi knights and their padawans.

As these men engage the ground troopers, General Erustacus watches as an elaborate and obviously important Jedi Transport lands nearly 3 kilometers away behind enemy lines. General Erustacus watches as the LED lights in his helmet turn from a bright green to a thick violent crimson red. He clenches his fist around his ignited lightsaber and awaits as he feels the power of the Jedi inside of the transport.

"Hmmm..... I.. I can feel him. I can sense his figure...the hammer of his head, the shape of his mouths, to the toes jutting from his limb-like legs and the color of his robes...An Ithorian..."

Batvan waits impatiently as his units continue to arrive and fall into place around him, expecting orders on their position in the war He watches as Dracus, Alcov, Plagueis and Mayshar all fall into rank around him awaiting orders. Batvan turns to face them and looks them all over, holstering his newly acquired rifle and begins to speak.

"Gentelmen good of you to show up. Dracus i see you're pretty affluent with your starships? Well, our hangar bay is under siege and needs reinforcements immediately. Kailas and Avarus are currently rescuing our AA guns and i need you to clear the ground infantry away from the hangar so our pilots can get to their ships and provide air support to our units. The hangar is about a kilometer this way (he points eastbound) and intel suggests that there are 3 jedi knights present overseeing the siege."

Batvan salutes his comrade Dracus and turns to face Alcov.

"Alcov, you are instructed to lead Bear Trap my Sit Rep explosives team in sabotaging the bridge over the canyon to the north of our encampment. The bridge is a major supply route for the Republic and without it their forces will be cut off from the majority of their supply convoys. Also Alcov before you leave. Tell that slacker Zed on your comm that he is instructed to rendezvous with Hawkeye and provide our troops on the lines some front line support from a distance. They are stationed on that mountainside in front of us, approximately .6 kilometers forward and .3 kilometers above sea level. Understood soldier? Very well."

Moff Batvan salutes the Head Bounty Hunter and turns towards Mayshar, his shadow specialist.

"Mayshar my friend. Given your area of expertise, im assigning you to infiltrate enemy lines can i put this... cause CHAOS. I want you inside their ranks: killing, destroying, and most of all creating panic. Their soldiers outnumber ours and if you can create enough of a distraction it might give our men the edge to gain a foothold. But most of all, don't get yourself killed. Am i clear? i thought so."

Bat nods respectfully at his friend and turns now towards the fledgling warrior Plagueis. He studies him long and hard, wondering what he can do to aid his brethren.

"Plagueis...its time to prove your worth to the Army of Jensaarai. Lord Erustacus is preparing himself for battle. Meet with him and make your presence know to our General. He will brief and instruct you further on your objectives within this battleground. I can feel our Generals thoughts and he is very deep in thought, and will no doubt have a use for you on his ranks...Now move."

Batvan turns around, finished with his orders and pulls out his pair of electrobinoculars, surveying the battlefield and taking account of the fray around him. He peers forth and sees the a large elaborate transport touch down several meters inside of the Republic lines, and fixes his gaze upon it. The hatch opens and a single figure emerges from it.

An Ithorian. Batvan had heard stories of Itho's being extremely sensitive in the lightside of the force, and were often the pioneers of Lightside force techniques. He takes a deep breath and turns slightly to look towards General Erustacus. The Plague Lord is focuses dead center on the Jedi...

Darth Famine: The Republic Strikes Back.... The WAR on Bothawui

Entering into Bothawui system is small fleet of destroyers belonging to a Sith Lord long believed to be only a myth to many factions amongst the Sith themselves. Hovering just above the atmosphere of the area where the war between the Army of the Jensaarai and the Army of the Grand Republic is raging, Darth Famine's entrusted commanding Moff, who solely coordinates all assaults of the destroyer fleet, instructs all fleets to hover in position before the raining attack.

"All destroyers, hold your position...Display the position of our ground forces along with the forces of the Republic on the digital screen" The commanding Moff instructs to his crew aboard Darth Famine's very own flag ship, and as commanded, the surface display of Bothawui pops on screen.

*The Moff continues* "There they are...All fleets! Prepare for a planetary bombardment on the Republics surface position on my mark....Annihilate them!"

The fleet of Star Destroyers on command then begain to shower the Republic's position on the surface of Bothawui.

The Republic forces on the front lines on the surface of Bothawui all begin to immediately fall back as their ground walkers are torn to shreads by the bombardment of Darth Famine's fleet in orbit.



The sounds of the Republic ground walkers falling to the surface of Bothawui are so loud that deafen the retreating Republic soldiers as they attempt to avoid being crushed by their destroyed walkers. In the process of this event a desperate Republic commander gets on his com-link for immediate Republic response.

"This is commander Dunn of the Republic Army....we need HELP! The Sith have gained control of the orbit outside of the atmosphere of this planet, and have us all pinned down due to their orbital attack! We cannot survive this much longer, we need immediate help... HURRY!"

Almost as if it were the will of the Force. Coming out of hyperdrive in the Bothawui system is a large Republic war fleet right on top of Darth Famine's Star Destroyer fleet. The large Republic fleet instantly engage smaller but powerful fleet of Star Destroyers of Darth Famine's.

"There they are!...Lets show the Sith why the Republic is and always will reamain the dominate power of this galaxy...FOR THE REPUBLIC!" The large Republic war fleet then opens fire on Darth Famine's fleet while still in the middle of their bombardment.

"IT'S A REPUBLIC AMBUSH!" Darth Famine's Moff yells at the last moment. "ATTENTION ALL FLEETS, BREAK YOUR FORMATION, AND ATTACK THE REPU..AAAHHH!" The on looking Republic forces stare in awe, as the fleet belonging to the Sith Lord unknown to them as Darth Famine, falls down into Bothawui atmosphere bursting in flames.

The Republic war fleet celebrate their small victory with the destruction of the Sith Star Destroyer fleet due to Darth Famine's Moff's poor judgement.

"Commander Dunn, do you copy? The Sith bombardment is over...We have everything up here under control...We shall now aid you on the surface in this war, see you down there."

The earth of Bothawui quakes violently with thunderous impacts as Darth Famine's fleet of Destroyers shower down onto the barren earth of the planet killing all Sith personnel aboard the ships from the crashes save one. Crashing down a few miles outside of the Jensaarai's Army Camp is Darth Famine's flag ship itself, the Apocalypes. Emerging from the burning reckage impossible for any living being to walk away from, is the image of a dream, a walking figment of one who has embraced the dark side of the Force imagination in the flesh. A squadron of Republic soldiers intercept city size crashed destroyer on foot. They are in great disbelief of what they see, and who they have found...

"Whoa...whoa...whoa... who in the galaxy is that? Nothing of this world could of survived a crash from orbit like that."

"Ah...HALT!... Place your hands where I can see them! You have 5 seconds to comply! Do it now, or we will be forced to open fire!"

Darth Plagueis: Acknowledging Batvan's orders, I immediately turn and make my way to the General. Seeing the hate in his body language i know something is up. I bow before him and announce my presence.

"General, Darth Plagueis at your service. I was given orders from Moff Batvan to come assist you in any way possible."

I await his orders.

(OOC: Batvan should i progress the mission myself or do you wish to remain playing the General? Obviously you would I'm just saying for my mission)

Lord Kailas: (THis'll be a short and easy one just to keep the story moving.)

Lord Kailas marches up towards Avarus, greeting him with a nod.
"I take it everything went well then?" The Sith Lord says curiously.
Apon Avarus' response, Darth Kailas smirks and accompanies his apprentice as they go to finish the job off.

"There are more in the distance, perhaps I should handle these 'tanks' this time?"
Lord Kailas egotistically remarks.

Darth Avarus: While sitting on the flaming wreckage of one of the Republic walkers he destroyed earlier and dangling his feet over the side, he sees Kailas march towards him. Upon hearing Kailas' question, Avarus stares at Kailas' for a few seconds and then merely nods and deactivates his saber and attaches it to his belt.

"And I was having so much fun." Avarus smirks and then laughs. "You can take these next ones if you wish, but I'll still help. The death of these Republic pawns are oh so satisfying, but perhaps this is the blood lust talking?" Avarus stands up and flips off the tank and lands elegantly next to Kailas and puts his arm on Kailas' shoulder. "So shall we, my dear friend?"

Avarus then begins to scan the battlefield with his eyes. He notices quite a lot has happened as he was battling the Republic walkers that were heading toward their anti-aircraft emplacements. Crashed ships appeared everywhere. Fires and smoke emit into the sky all around him. Blaster fire still glides in a colorful cascade across the surface, the battle still rages on despite the enormous casualties. Walkers, buildings, trenches, ships....all were set alight. He knew from that the other members of the army of the Jensaarai have indeed made their entrances quite explosive. No doubt we caused a lot of Republic deaths. Avarus takes a small breath. He exhales as he takes his saber from his belt again. He spots the other walkers coming from another direction toward the anti-aircraft guns. He sighs. "More Republic walkers to the north east about half a klick out." He ignites his saber once more. "After you, my friend"

Zed: As Zed hears the order from Alcov he retreats from his current battle that he is looding and runs to the hill were Hawk eye is.

Once Zed reaches the two he lays down and pulls out his sniper and gives some support to the troops from a distance

Mayshar: Mayshar stood perfectly still as Batvan gives out his newest set of orders. When the Grand Moff stands before him, his eyes never move as he listens to his instructions. A small evil grin cracks his lips as he was told to unleash all hell, with no remorse. He gives the slightest of nods before vanishing completely right there in front of everyone.

A darkness begins to creep over a large part of the battlefield. Like a storm, shadows move in and begin to cover the landscape, obscuring vision almost completely. The bright lights from blasters and sabers the only thing giving a chance to see for anyone. Explosion light up the horizon like sun spots and the republic forces begin to feel an unnatural chill. Evil, down to the core, seems to push its way onto the battlefield. Even the most seasoned of warriors began to feel fear and arent sure what is happening. Screams begin to echo all over the battlefield, lightsaber blades that were ignited and being held suddenly disappear. Blasters drop to the ground, no longer being held by the hand that wielded them. A few commanod light sticks and toss them onto the groud only to watch them vanish the instant they touched down. The screams come faster and faster, blasters start shooting off into nothing, desparate to hit anything. Friendly fire begins to takes its toll on the republic forces.

Commanders send out orders to blast the entire area, desparation sets in as large cannons and tanks start to lay waste to thier own troops. Surviving Jedi start to funnel towards the shadows, realizing there is a threat that needs to be removed. Sabers ignite and weave in, at least 20 or so Jedi a few knights start moving through the darkness searching for thier enemy. They all move in closer and closer to the middle, not able to find a single living soldier on thier way. They all stop in a circle, surrounding what could only be assumed to be thier assailant. Mayshar, perfectly blended and hidden in the darkness is robeless, wearing his shadow battle armor and is knelt down on one knee. Both of his saber hilts in his hands, pressed against the ground in front of him. He is deep in meditation, his attack taking an enormous amount of concentration and energy. No one knew, but every kill actually fueled his powers as he drained thier life and force, using it to continue his assault and lead up to the grand finale. Mayshar knew his presence would eventually draw attention, it had been the plan all along, to lure in as many powerful jedi as he could into the death trap. Each kill, each life he took helped bring about the power he needed for the final attack.

Mayshar is still knelt down as the Jedi around him begin to feel him now, the power no longer able to be hidden. His eyes flash open, the pure white of them shining no bright they act like a beacon in the darkness, able to be seen from any distance that isnt out of line of sight. The ground beneath them all starts to shake, his body begins to give off an aura of power so strong the Jedi surrounding him take a step back, unsure of how to proceed. Cracks appear in the earth and fissures start to form as the energy intensifies, the darkness itself begins to swirl and twist in the air, as if it had a mind of its own. The Jedi begin to feel the shadows grabbing at them, slowing them down, draining thier essence even as they stand there. As the power around Mayshar reaches a peak, all of the Jedi sense the danger in front of them and charge as one, sabers raised and ready to strike down thier enemy as fast and as deadly as possible. Thats when true Chaos is unleashed, time seems to slow down for just a moment, as Mayshar opens a rift into the Shadow Realm, the entire area of darkness tears a whole in the dimension, becoming one with the realm of shadows. Everything around Mayshar vanishes in a flash, the ground beneath him remains, but for nearly a full kilometer diameter around him nothing remains. No bodies, no weapons, nothing. Even the ground is gone, torn from the earth leaving a crevice. Like a giant hand had reached down and yanked a section of the earth away. Mayshar remains knelt in the center, a single pillar of earth under him like a platform left just for him. He rises to his feet, both of his sabers igniting to life, nearly all of his power drained from his ultimate attack.

"Now, to replenish my strength on the weak...Batvan, your chaos has been unleashed, Ask, and ye shall receive."

The darkness carries his whisper to the Grand Moff, sounding like Mayshar was standing right next to him. Batvan may not be aware, but Mayshar can hear anything whispered into the darkness as well. Knowing his presence was now impossible to mask, he was ready to take on all comers, the republic forces already beginning to encircle him. He didnt even have enough power left to shadow walk out, he had no choice but to fight, to the death if need be.

Alcov Vladimer: After Alcov reseves his orders he jetpacks over to beartraps location and tells them to follow him to the bridge.

As they get closer to the bridge the troops start to get very thin and is easy to get past.

after fighting off a few dozen soldiers they make it to the bridge and Alcov sets one charge at the bottom with his jetpack while the others go and set a charge in each corner. As Alcov gets back up he goes to beartrap
"do you reckon we should just blow it or wait for a convo to get half across then blow it?"

Dracus Mor: (I hope you dont mind me taking some NP troopers)

I nod in acknowlegment to Batvan and reply

"I'll go get our ships back, and maybe even fly some over the battle field to thin out their numbers"

I walk over to one of the waiting squads and look them over-

"Alright troopers, what are your

The apparent leader speaks first.

"Sir, the name is Raymond, elite commando, specialization, heavy weapondry."
He then gestures at the large gattling gun he is holding with his head. The second of the commandos then speaks.

"Sir, the name is Vrai, elite commando, specilazitation, snipers"

"Snipers always come in handy, glad to have you with me."

The third one stands from her sitting positions and pulls out a darksaber.

"My name is Rin, shadow trooper, specilization, mellee combat with force users."

I look over my new squad, and can tell that they are all going to be very useful in getting me over to the ship yards, and then clearing out the guards and jedi at the actual ship yards. I have the commandos start following me at full speed as I dash towards the yards. We are soon met by a large platoon of republic troopers, all heavily armored, and equipped with blaster rifles. Rayman takes the lead with his gattling gun, and he starts to thin out the enemy. Rin and I stand on either side of him, reflecting blaster bolts, trying to keep him standing. Vrai throws his shield down in front of Rayman, and squats at his left. He pops up now and then, headshotting enemies as he does. Once the shield is up, Rin and I sprint into the platoon, dodging and reflecting blaster bolts as we do. Once we reach the enemy, we start to slice and dice. Slaying as many as three troopers at a time. I am removing my saber from a troopers chest when I hear an explosian.I look back, and see that a launcher trooper has fired a rocket at Rayman and Vrai. There shield explodes, and they both fly about five feet backwards. Rin appears behind the launcher and decapitates him, finishing the last of the troopers. We go to check on Rayman and Vrai. Rayman's armor is completly black, and part of his helmet has shattered. Rin squats down next to him and removes the three fourths of his helmet. The upper right corner of his face is burned, swelled, and oozing blood. Vrai is not as damaged, the only damage he seems to have aquired is a wounded arm. Rayman comes through after a few seconds. He screams in pain as he does and grabs his face, this does not last long though. He shakily stands and it is obvious his body is very wounded. I put one hand on his shoulder and look at him.

"You have now become a liability, a set back. Something I cannot have."

His eyes widden, but before he can speak, I use my other hand to ignite my saber through his chest. The other two troopers suddenly tense, but soon realize it would be better for them to just follow me, no use wasting their own lives over something they can't fix. I then turn towards them and tell them to hurry up. We continue without problem to the ship yards, and approach the building, prepared for whatever might lye inside the building.

Batvan Vaiych/RP Narrator: OOC: (Its fine drac, until everyone is given a new official rank i dont mind. sorry about the delay, ive been pretty busy and will have my next post up soon!)

Dracus Mor: OOC: (Thanks, also sorry it took so long for me to post)
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PostSubject: Re: New Blood: Fall of a Lord   New Blood: Fall of a Lord EmptyTue Jul 12, 2011 9:40 pm

Damn didn't think this was still salvagible! Nice to see some of the old memories, but idk if we can contiue it due to the lack of characters on our part hehe. but still good to have in the records!!!!!
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Yeah, in-fact everything is salvageable on the old site. I can even go back and grab my post with my custom sabers. Though you have to do a bit of digging, it's worth it. Everything's just hidden from public eye. It'd be nice if someone went back and revealed all those topics so that we can salvage everything and post some things here easier.

Also, I think we can continue this - we just have to kill off people that are no longer in the guild! Though, don't kill off Batvan. We can just say he went into exile or something.
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