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 Erustacus: Birth of the Plague-bearer

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Lord Erustacus
Lord Erustacus

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Erustacus:  Birth of the Plague-bearer Empty
PostSubject: Erustacus: Birth of the Plague-bearer   Erustacus:  Birth of the Plague-bearer EmptyTue Jul 12, 2011 12:11 pm

Records indicate that the Man known as Erustacus Strovskov was born shortly after the mandalorian war, in space transport that was headed to the planet Kintan the Morgukai homeworld, His mother a human of the planet Corellia , she was a merchant and had visited Kintan on one of her voyages, she crash landed though and was quickly surronded with junk salvaging Nikto who thought they should have some fun with the hman while they were at it. But just as they undressed her a Morgukai sprang forth and killed all the Nikto salvagers, and picked the girl up and returned her to a nearby space station , she thank him , and offered the morgukai a dinner as payment for the rescue, after the dinner had concluded the two found them selves deep in love, The morgukai entranced by the humans beauty and slim features and her strong character. The Human entranced by the Morgukai's great honor and pride she knew a man like this was her type of man.

Now after five years of a stable relation ship the woman became pregnant , and the two where now slightly scarred not knowing what type of offspring would occur. Needless to say once Erustacus was born he was mostly human except for a few patches of skin which had the rough scale-like Morgukai skin. The mother was pleased but the Morgukai not so much, how was he to raise a human to be one of the Morgukai? The only option was to disguise his son using a helmet and some basic Morgukai armor. Then Erustacus's life began as a harsh and violent one, learning the strict honor code and moral code of the morgukai and what it means to be a true warrior, Erustacus excelled at melee combat and was given armor upgrades as tradition in the Morguki tradition.

He was trained to hate the Jedi with all his soul , his father who was his master as Morgukai tradition commands, developed a very tight bond with him and Erustacus powered him self through every challenge, he built him self a cortosis alloy, staff equipped with energy blade. And was finally raised to the rank of a true Warrior and given cortosis armor.

Erustacus:  Birth of the Plague-bearer Early_10

Unfortunatly one day a fellow morgukai whilst dueling Erustacus , unmasked him and the secret was out, Erustacus dashed home as fast as he could which turned out to be abnormally fast, this later would be known to him as the moment he became aware of his Force-sensitive nature. Once home he told his father and mother, His father instructed his mother and him to leave immidiatly. Both Erustacus and mother denied, but where forceibly taken away by his Fathers friends to the nearst space port.

Records indicate that The Father was sent through the traditional Burning moon Range as punishment and is furthermore deseased. This information was passed on to Erustacus and his mother via a friend of the family. Feeling loss for the first time in his life Erustacus first mourned then went into a emense rage, and using his cortosis staff killed the friend of the family, and nearby nikto to vent his anger, but unfortunatly in the process his mother tried to stop her son by pulling him away from a crying Nikto boy, Erustacus shook his mother off and not knowing it was his mother , backhand slashed her with his energy bladed-staff, she was cut from shoulder down to the waist but still remained in one piece.

After dispatching the Nikto boy, he turned around to see who this assalant was who had touched him , though all he found was his mother laying on the floor with a slash across the chest, Erustacus fell to the floor and apologized a hundred times, his mother half dead did not say anything, only after Erustacus stopped talking did she speak. "Go to Tatooine your uncle is within tribe shakantusk...." After completing hte sentece she passed away. Not knowing about this extended family made Erustacus even more angry, his went to the Space port hangar bay killed everyone he could find and high jacked a tranport ship.

After arriving on the desolate planet of Tattoine, Erustacus set out on finding the Tribe known as shakantusk, it took him over 6 standard months of searching barren dunes and isolated villages and farms before he finally found the tribe. Surprising to Erustacus at the time though was that the tribe was tusken, he began to ponder his family lineage at this time wondering how the fuck he was human if so many of his family was of other sentinant being origin. he did not know the name of his uncle , only that he was to find hs uncle hear. The tusken immediatly siezed Erustacus when he apprached the camp, he went peacefully seeing it the only way to enter his uncle's tribe without causing a problem. Erustacus began to explain his dilema although for the most part his human tongue was lost on all ears. finally though a tusken came forth, and unmasked himself, he was an older human with no hair, but looked sturn and strong for his age. He said "so my sister did not die on that planet long ago, and this is her bastard son, well the only way your staying here is if you prove yourself to the Tusken as a true warrior and scout, i know you may have learnt a few things from the Morgukai but here your bound ot learn a few more skills, mostly around surviving harsh conditions and fighting some crazy creatures." Erustacus was more than angry that he had been running around Tattonine to find an asshole of a Uncle, but none the less it was better than being alone in Erustacus's eyes.

He later proved his worth by killing a lesser Krayt dragon, using his staff, but unfortunatly he lost it in the process of finishing off the beast, the staff remains in the Rectum of the beast to this day. erustcaus quickly adjusted to life as a Tusken and learned many scouting and stealth abilities all enhanced by a some what external force or presence, the Tusken picked up on this and so did his uncle, Tusken had encountered jedi before and knew the signs of the force. Erustacus's uncle and village elder later made a secret meeting with Erustacus, and discussed everyones thoughts. Thinking himself a Jedi Erustacus thought of killing himself and cursing his family for making him all of which was taught to dispise. His uncle came to the Rescue one day though at the mouth of a Sar-lacc pit where Erustacus was about to jump from. His uncle coaxed him out of it and tlaked to the Boy of how he should go train with the jedi and live a better life then he was in the open deserts of tattonie. "Your chance at a new life , a better life that is made for people with your gifts, out here your a good warrior and part of the tribe no doubt but there you could be a amazing warrior reknowned across the galaxy! imagine that a bastard turned jedi master can you...." At that mentioning of bastard something awoke inside of Erustacus , his head was burning and he focused all his anger towards his uncle that very second, and then when Erustacus opened his eyes he uncle was gone. but how he thought he looked around and found his grissly answer. Guts and body parts strewn all over the place, Erustacus did not mourn this death though, not this time, this tiem it was different, he returned to the Tribe which was now on their last string with him. They asked him where is uncle was, and after not answering for the thenth time, the outraged friend of his uncle lnged forward at Erustacus. Using Cortosis blade, and highpowerd sniper rifle, Erustacus dispatched the entire tribesmen and set the huts ablaze , again using his anger and he commanded the flames from a fire to come to life and they did they swirled and as he commanded engulfed every tent. Again he was amazed at himself's ability and at the same time scarred. He knew he would never join the dispicable jedi scum bags who had killed so many Morgukai, and in Erustacus's mind every one he held dear, and he knew that the jedi where always traveling around the galaxy, he knew who his enemy was, he wanted to kill all of those who had cursed him with his abilites, he was going to kill every jedi the kill himself, he tought.

Erustacus:  Birth of the Plague-bearer Akain210

While heading to the "nearest" space port, he heard from the gossipers that on a planet known as Korriban the jedi's greatest enemies where reemerging, talk of these sith was a first for Erustacus and he quickly changed his plans for Courasant to Korriban on a unmarked transport which agreed to launch an excape pod over the restricted planet, Once Erustacus crashed into the planets surface in his excape pod, he was overwhelmed by the landscape and harsh conditions, he used his training as a tusken to make it through though, and whilst taking shelter within a cave he felt something calling out to him as if it was a ghostly spirit of some sort, it called him by his name, "but how" he thought. He climbed deeper into the cave which quickly became more of a underground temple complex. Once he reached the source of the disturbing voice, he found an altar and a dark figure in a dark robe standing next to the altar at which a black smokey figure loomed, it had piercing white eyes , the only indication that it was indeed a living thing.

Erustacus:  Birth of the Plague-bearer Maalre10

"Approach the altar Erustacus Strovskov , man from Kintan, hater of jedi , and master of the ways of honor , swordsmen ship, and stealth" The robed figure commanded, and when Erustacus stood his ground, the figure Force grabbed him to the altar.

Erustacus was surprised and shocked by the power of the grab. "You jedi dog ill kill you!" the figure laughed, as did the smokey figure. "we are no Jedi, we are the sith, and you have been chosen by this sith spirit know as Lusmos Arkranos a appretice of Naga Shadow, to be his vesile. You will learn sith history instantanously , alon with all the skills this spirit possess, and those fo the sith in general, altohuhg further training is needed to augment your abilities and so you can raise in stature through the order."
Erustacus was blown back by all this.

Erustacus said " Why are you doing this all for me, why am i all of a sudden worthy of all this how do not know you just want my, soul and how will i know i will be in control and not this spirit?" The spirit floated over to Erustacus, it touched his head, and images imparted into Erustacus's head, history of sith and sith powers flowed through, then they ceased. the spirit spoke in a unearthly voice " all this can be yours and more if you accept the destiny i've bestoded upon you from birth, twas i who allowed your birth a possibily , manipulating the midi-chlorians to create life where none should exist, but i had to sacrifice my own flesh and blood to do so, hoping one day a powerful and new breed of sith would emerge and with my help become the new face of our order. You will be the one of most occult sith warrior the galaxy will come to know, your specialty will be to plague the world using your hate and power to spread this plague i shall give you amoung your enemies." apart from this you will need equipment worthy of such power." * the robbed figure then on que opened a hatch and up rose a set of black sth armor, with red stripes down the spin and on the shoulder and the helmet was a sith stlaker make with leds inside , and assorted fixtures, the lights flashed from neon blue to fiery red, as did the stripes on the armor. "I dont know about this, i mean if you did make me happend did you cause all the events which occured so i would eventually find my way here?" Erustacus asked, the spirit then rose up and lied " Of course not i knew one way or another the force would guide you to your true home, it was destiny, i let what would be , be and what happened was you discovered and unlocked your self Erustacus."

Erustacus took a deep breath then nodded, he step forward and asked " what now , im ready" The robed figure then answered " lie down on the altar and recieve your blessing." Erustacus lied down and then he felt a poision rushing through him and all around him the world was spinning, the spirit entered his body and as a result black smoke coarsed through him, and emitted fro mhis body, his eyes went black as night and images and information rushed into his brain, this continued for the next 3 days, when Erustacus finally ceased emitting smoke, the Robbed figure knew the joining had been completed. He releashed the restraints and Erustacus was force carried to a nearby makeshift, bed/infermary which was bustling with medical droids.

Erustacus awoke several weaks latter, having fully healed and digested and learned all the knowledge the spirit had to offer, Erustacus then equipped his armor and using hte directions the robbed figure gave him , Erustacus made his way to the Sith temple where he would join the order and rise to new heights in the ranks of the order.

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Erustacus: Birth of the Plague-bearer
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