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 Exploits of the Legion

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Lord Erustacus
Lord Erustacus

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PostSubject: Exploits of the Legion   Exploits of the Legion EmptyTue Jul 12, 2011 9:46 pm

Hey guys, some of my short story / rp missions i did that involved my revered plague legion. Its a epic battle, and good memories too i think!

The Disturbance:

* As the Republic fleet and all those on VJun are made aware of the true power of the Darkside and the manifestation known only as Famine, the shockwaves from the Vortex vacuum sent through the force, travel for parsecs across the galaxy

stretching far and wide. For those sentinents and weaker minded force-user's their ears and eyes begin to bleed and melt from such raw power being telegraphed through the force. But to the trained and masterful ears , this massive disturbance

in the norm of the force is a message a calling, a tasty appetizer of power to behold and it sends a excited shiver down the spines of such seekers of raw , true power. One such being is the ancient lord known as Erustacus.

A man who is not known to many in the galaxy, due to only the fact that during Erustacus's youth and early period he left so very few alive in the galaxy to remember him.

Erustacus an older evil and manifestation then Even Famine, saw the begining of force-manifestations and saw the early battles between light and dark that only left shades of grey. Until the Day Famine met up with Erustacus, a chance meeting,

Erustacus the lord of plague and decay felt a similar and all powerful aura around the child and took him with him and much like the children of Famine, gave him rigorous training and imparted knowledge of pain, physical deprivation and the art of

Famine. Erustacus was so proud and quickly knew Famine to be far beyond himself in power and knowledge, and let him go his own path only shortly after the devastation and pillaging of life they had done to the systems. Erustacus knew Famine

was his own master the entire time guided by some external force, Erustacus knew this being a manifestation himself, to be the Great Dark. Erustacus remember this smell, texture of Famine and Felt it wash over him once the shockwaves reached his planet.

Deep within the Irguian Rain forest on the planet Abbaji , deep in the outer rim territories, was a temple encrusted with forest life and such. A pitch black temple laid within the enormous canopy above, the forest around the Temple was covered in

a thick black fog, caused by whatever was residing within the distant temple. The few who dared to brave the mists only got a few feet before collapsing and decaying rapidly to a pile of dried up skin and bodily fluids, usually gruesomely bleeding

black ooze from every crack and hole before collapsing. Erustacus would laugh from his throne within the Dark temple. But his laughter was interrupted this time by a massive bath of odor-de-Famine . Lord Erustacus simultaneously Released a

massive amount of Plague smoke from his body that billowed out of his specialized ancient Sith armour. As black as his soul the heavy armour was a bold contrast compared to the sharp brightness of his Red LED's on his helmet and armor, they brightened as his rage swelled. He knew that Famine was in trouble and had released an immense amount of energy. Erustacus Roar and the planet trembled in fear, animals ran, and people bared their doors and windows fearing the ancient lord of the Planet had finally snapped and was about to envelope them all in a wave of darkness.

Erustacus look over from his throne unto his two smaller sections of his Temple , and Called forth his most trusted and feared inforcers. the PLAGUE LEGIONAIRES. A twisted corrupted group of 56 warriors that fought along side Erustacus at his very first battle and were given the honour and curse of being plagued as Erustacus was, to minor extent. Black veins, and plague smoke flowing through them , they were catalists and personal plague bombs if killed. Amplified killing techniques and physical aptitude these men were top notch fighters and wouldn't die less a terminal wound was delivered, such as decapitation or disintegration from explosion. They felt no pain as they were embodiments of Erustacus's disease and made any non-force user crumble beside them from aura they released. Slowing movement and mental thought and causing physical poisoning of the organs and skin. These were the men Erustacus trusted more than any in the World, and he knew he would need them on this most important of missions.

The Plan:

Erustacus gathered with his prime advisors and leaders of the legionnaires. Entropious his promising apprentice and newest addition to the hundreds year old temple and legionnaires, sat beside him and listened to every word. Legionnaire Commander Petrov and special Plague Commando 56 , the last and best installment in the legion of who's feats on Dagobah are chronicled in sith history[] , sat across from the Great Lord of Plague and decay. the entire group convened in the long lost language of Ruskilau , a specialized morgukai-sith dialect imparted upon Erustacus from the Great Dark itself.

Petrov: " My lord the men have waited for a chance like this for centuries, we can expand our numbers and make the galaxy tremble at our might once more, we have moderately modern equipments and weapons to face the republic foe."

56: " I've faced such fools on Dagobah, they are of no concern, their weapons are, we must act quick to grab them and use them to our advantage and pour our plague powers into them to corrupt the lasers, send more wounded back for the entire galaxy to know who did it, if we just kill the fools they will be forgotten in no time."

Erustacus : " No time for discussion I am still getting headaches from the shockwaves, when they stop we are too late! We mobilize now, Entropious go to the Sludge lake and prepare the Ships for hyper-travel and load our weapons with 56 so the legionaires are ready and prepared to fight. Petrov you and I shall morally prepare the men for battle, there is no doubt it will be hard and long we must set out immediatly.
*After convieneing and then performing the seperate duties and Sending an immense roar that shook the very core of the planet causing the day to slow down by three hours , the Group launched guided only by Erustacus's Knowledge of the force and his headaches that were accompanied with pulsating smoke from his suit. He knew they would make entry unto Vjun's orbit in less than an hour and decided not to reach out to Famine, thinking Jedi would have been present for Famine to need to cause such dramatic ripple. Erustacus broke his thoughts as a old transmission came through from the republic fleet. Teh ywere calling for surrounding local fleets to assist on Vjun, Erustacus sent a fony message stating his fleet would come to reinforce and bolster the Republic troops. Then once landed Erustacus would strike like a viper to the stranded republic forces, catching them this time off guard and hopefully reaching Famine would be Entropious to guide him to the escape ship.*

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Exploits of the Legion
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