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 Exploits of the Legion Volume 2

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Lord Erustacus
Lord Erustacus

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Exploits of the Legion Volume 2 Empty
PostSubject: Exploits of the Legion Volume 2   Exploits of the Legion Volume 2 EmptyTue Jul 12, 2011 9:49 pm

Death Rains from Above

As Erustacus and his forces are about to enter the atmosphere to land and engage the republican forces, an unexpected wrench is thrown into his plans. A nearby x-wing squadron comes screaming out of hyperspace and immediately starts assaulting Erustacus's ships, not even without letting them listen to his phony message. Republic Imbecile swine all.
Erustacus from his command ship orders the Plague Legionnaires to jettison into the escape pods in an elaborate and ingenious escape. As the Legionnaires enter their escape pods then stick their hands into a designated slot, from which needles extract the plague from theri very blood stream and use it to create a plague smoke aura around the escape pod. therefore making the escape pods virtually invisible to the pitch black color of space. Yet this technology doesnt come without a price, for the amount of time and smoke needed, one plague Legionaire would have to sacrifice himself the greater good of the other five on board, meaning Erustacus would lose at least ten of his sacred Legionnaires already just to get to Famine. A worthy sacrifice, he knew.

Erustacus didnt blink or think twice when he gave the order and told Entropious to get on board his personal escape pod, along with 56, Petrov and the sacrificial Legionnaire. Entropious was given an oxygen regulator to protect his lungs and organs from the concentrated smoke that would be within the Escape pod. Erustacus meanwhile programmed his capital ship and small carriers to go super nova in the midst of the x-wing squadron. He gave an evil laugh as he knew these morons could not out maneuver him, because they did not know the meaning of sacrifice and how far the sith go to persevere and protect the few they know. erustacus now equipped himself and steadied himself for battle and gave a com-link message to the rest to only take essential weapons and what ammo they could carry and stick to their poisoned vibro-swords and axes once they ran out. Erustacus ended in Ruskilau " Legionnaires create a perimeter around the survivors then full out arch into the enemy formation eat them alive and cripple them with your power and taint, let them see the true disease that shall plague their dreams and lives, show them the power that is the dark side. But above all leave a few extremely diseased to send as presents to the republic and the jedi, otherwise take no prisoners until they are utterly broken! and leave any jedi dogs to me!"

erustacus cut the com, and adjusted his red and black cape, making sure the blood red was facing to his back and the Black side was outward for all to see, with the great emblem of the ancient and unknown Jensaraai pyramid. similar to that of the Sith'ari Famine. erustacus made sure his plates and cortosis guards of his armor were in correct alignment and fitted perfectly. He then adjusted his LED's on his suit to blood red and conjured his two lightsabers, his great-saber he placed on his back underneath the cloak, and his rare, curved-blade lightsaber that always sent a puzzled expression on all jedi's faces before they died from the severe slashes, he hooked onto his left hip girdle. He then instructed Entropious to gear up how he saw fit and reminded the young pre-adult of his task at hand. "Once we land make way to the temple and find anyone related to famine or famine himself, you will know from the sheer power he admits, who he is. Go tell him who has arrived and that you are to serve him in the battle to come in any way shape or form. Also be sure to let him know our ability to escape via my ships has been terminated but perhaps enough pods will be left over for him and whatever disciples he has to enter. Be wary my young apprentice, we will need much skill and luck to overcome this elite republic force, believe me its not all in the bag Entropious not yet anyways."

Erustacus then went stone cold again as he always does before battle and looked to 56, and Petrov knowing the battle to come would be a purge of both his weaker outdated legionnaires and of elite republic troopers and high council jedi. It wouldn't be easy by far but if executed correctly there would be enough survivors to get safely away, and hopefully enough captives to send as a present and perhaps one or two very qualified troopers or a jedi that erustacus could break and plague into the legion. Erustacus smiled wildly under his helmet thinking of the great fresh start he was creating with Famine, and about the new adventures to come, Erustacus would pay whatever amount of blood or body to ensure that he and his brother would bring back the great evil they posses to the galaxy. the lesser breeds of apprentices and legionnaires were but tools in this great game against the foolish republic and more so the delusional jedi.
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Exploits of the Legion Volume 2
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