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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Rules and Guidelines EmptyFri Jun 24, 2011 6:17 am

1. No Godmodding
*No one here likes a "godmodder" so please dont do it. Do not control other's and control the environment. If caught godmodding, you will be given a warning, on your second time caught, you will be thrown out of the RP.

*In your posts, DO NOT post for the other character without their consent. Example: If your character gives its hand to another for shaking it, do not make the character shake it back. DO NOT post dialog for them. (unless you ask for permission that is.)

*Any attack must be able to be countered unless you have approached the end of a duel. You cannot simply walk into a thread and kill someone instantly or destroy a shipyard with a single shot or launch fifty missiles at an enemy ship during their own wedding. Everyone should be given the chance to defend themselves after every move. Whether or not they are able to think of a defense is up to their own imagination.
EX.[You may not post things such as “and he shot his opponent in the head” because that gives your opponent virtually no chance of survival and you would be controlling another character. The best way to say something like this is to say that “he shot towards his opponents head”, as that gives the opponent a chance to dodge it]

2. Keep IC from OOC Separate
Posting Out of Character (OOC) messages in a role-play thread should be kept to an absolute minimum. Also make sure your out of character is seperate from in character, what you know is different from what your character knows, you may read a post that someone is getting mugged outside but your character knows nothing about.

3. No Cursing
Please refrain from cursing as much as possible for cursing here on Earth is completely different from that of the Star Wars Universe. If need be go look up star wars insults and use those but nothing of the earthly type please.[ ] - Common Star Wars insults.

4. No Pronographic Roleplaying
Even though there may be dancers and barmaids here, there is not to be any type of pronogrpahic material in the rp, your little fantasys need to stay in your own mind please. Ex. No stripping naked, grinding on things, flashing, etc... (Common Sense on what not to do)

5. Anything That Happens In RP Transfers
Playing rough in this cantina might land you a pretty scar or even perhaps a missing eye or two. If you're going to act big here, you better be ready yo accept the consequences for your actions. Ex. If your eye is gouged out by an enraged dancer because of your constant harrassment you will lose that eye and notify it on your character sheet. [Duels excluded]

6. Mind Your Rank
Please Keep in mind that you should not be trying to do something a Master could do if your rank happens to be that of Apprentice. Ex. A Sith Acolyte walks into the bar and pushes a Merc out of his seat for his drink. The Merc gets up and draws his blaster shooting wild into his target. The Sith flips into the air igniting his lightsaber as he deflects the shots. "Pwnt son" says the Sith as he chokes the life out from the Merc with the force. <-- this is a no no.

7. The Fear Factor
Sith Lords and Masters have earned their rank amongst the leaders of the guild and should emit a powerful feeling of fear when you’re near them. For example, if you enter the cantina and a Sith Master walks in and you are below him, then respect your elder, bow and show fear. Tremble, make it realistic. These are Sith Lords and Masters, powerful students of the Dark Side. Disrespect them or ignore them and suffer the consequences. No apprentice can stand against a Master and it’s about time we learn that. This is just an example don't take it too litteral, if you're a Bounty Hunter and you feel as if you don't have to bow then don't, but do keep in mind what is said above.

8. Know the Lore!
If you are going to roleplay, know the lore .Do not enter the cantina talking about Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Study the The Old Republic lore closely and learn it’s key figures, learn it’s events and news, so you don’t seem a fool when introducing yourself to another players.

9. Respect Society
Imperial Agents are the highest anyone in the Imperial Empire can achieve without being force sensitive, they are worth respect. If a Moff walks into the cantina, you greet with respectfully and treat him as if he was your own superior. Bounty Hunters were known, but not highly respected. Hunters, do not take offence if you are treated like crap from a NPC or another guild mate, show them your guns.

10. Think Realistically
The Jensaarai guild functions under Order 93, of the Sith Empire, allowing several subcults to form and worshiper their own leaders, while still following the beliefs of the current Sith emperor. We are members of this clan but we do not all know each other. You must greet each other, learn from each. Reading a biography does not count as roleplaying a good conversation.

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Rules and Guidelines
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