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 Closed Role Play Guidelines

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PostSubject: Closed Role Play Guidelines   Closed Role Play Guidelines EmptyFri Jun 24, 2011 8:26 am

In this thread you will be able to create and participate in Closed role playing events created by fellow guild Members and Leaders. The purpose of this Forum is to create events for specific Members and characters. Here are a few basic rules before posting in this forum. (made by Reign)

  • Be sure to follow the guilds rules regarding how to RP.
  • When creating an RP event be sure to ask the other players you want to RP with if they are interested in doing so. You can do this in multiple ways...
  • Via Private Message
  • Create a thread and then close it once you have the players you want
  • When creating an event with a set group who have been notified be sure to label the event in the header as *Closed*
  • After you have created a Closed RP event, be sure you list in the first post in ((OOC:)) Who the participants of your Closed RP are.
  • If you are not a participant in the event you are not allowed to post in any *Closed* RP threads.
  • If you post in one of these threads your post will be DELETED! and a warning will be sent to you.
  • If you start an event and are going to be away for an extended period be sure to tell others in the thread with a ((OOC:))
  • If you agree to participate in a Closed RP event make sure you follow it to the end. No one wants a character to show up and contribute, and then all of a sudden goes limp during the event.
  • After your RP event has concluded be sure to contact myself or another Officer so that we can move the thread to the Archive area
  • Do not be offended by other players characters. Players characters in RP are not the Player themselves.
  • Above all else Have fun!

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Closed Role Play Guidelines
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